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The definition and recycling of waste wood

More waste solid wood kind of wood species,On the basis of different using environment and use fixed number of year,The quality differences,Some with a buckle,Some have all kinds of holes or insect pests,Some recycling of solid wood material quality and the new wood。In addition,All kinds of recycling waste wood of the specifications of the size difference is bigger also。Waste wood is refers to has been abandoned after the original function of wood or wood products。According to the different sources including:For the first time、The second wood processing industry output processing residues,Transport and packaging waste wood(Such as wooden pallets、Packing sheet、Container board, etc),In the process of city streets and parks, green pruning branches of trees and shrubs,Housing construction and demolition waste wood(Including the element face template、Solid wood templates and the effect of melamine cement template、Old Windows and doors、The floor、The beam、The floor、Escalator、Plate, etc),Home and office use wood produced by upgrading old furniture(Such as tables and chairs、The bed、Bookcase、Cabinets、Wooden sofa, etc),Disposable wooden tableware in everyday life(The wooden chopstick、Ice cream bar, etc),Antiseptic、Fire retarding treatment of waste wood,Other such as elimination of railway sleepers and substation and piezoelectric pole etc。Waste solid wood mainly includes the old furniture、Real wood floor、The border around the doors and Windows、The construction site (abandoned buildings、Solid wood pallets、Solid wood packing、The purlin、Beam、Column, etc。Old entity class wood in total of discarded wood2/3The above,The quantity is considerable,Because the wood is still on the mechanical strength and function still maintains the performance of the solid wood,If the reasonable and effective use of,Processing and added value of the products will be higher。Old wood recycling range mainly include building remove the purlin、Beam、The column、Solid wood door and window frame,Solid wood pallets、Solid wood packing,Solid wood furniture panel and frame material, real wood floor and so on。At present,Domestic waste wood in guangdong province“Acquisition—Transportation—Processing—To use”A dragon service industry chain has been formed,Waste wood market also arises at the historic moment。And is located in the guangzhou light timber is set“Acquisition—Transportation—Processing—To use”This chain in a body。Mainly in the pearl river delta mainly oriented within the territory of guangdong province,Recycling of waste wood of various classes,And the price is much higher than similar market price。If you have the same client resources need to sell,Can make a phone call at any time:Sun:15920993048(13697480206) 

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Shining wooden box factory

Shining wooden box factory,Is an enterprise committed to environmental protection product。Often a large number of high-priced recycling is given priority to with the pearl river delta,Within the territory of guangdong province area wooden pallets,Plastic tray,Wooden plate,Plastic plate,Wooden boxes,Timber,Wood,Wooden plate,Pad storehouse board, etc。And the wooden pallets for processing,Wooden pallets;Wooden plate processing,Wooden plate sales;Packing process,Packing sales;The company has many years of production experience,Advanced equipment,Perfect sales service network。Manufacture and design of the packing of the products have been favored by many famous companies and listed companies at home and abroad,And win the praise of customers。Shining wooden box factory has developed into a collection of distribution of wood,Processing tray、Wooden case,Plastic tray、The packing cases、Pad storehouse board,Comprehensive industry,The production of various kinds of tray、Wooden pallets、The compound tray、Plastic tray、Box、Pad storehouse board of the enterprise。The company since its establishment,Has been adhering to the“The good faith、Professional、Service”As the company's business philosophy,Based on the in-depth understanding of the recycling industry and services on the lead,Has become a high reputation of professional recycling service,People-oriented,Sincerity。The price is higher than the market price,By the good faith strives for the development。In the symbiotic win-win situation、On the basis of hand in hand,Willing to work with friends from all walks of life to establish long-term、A stable strategic cooperative partnership.Business negotiations,To visit our company or contact or online。

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